Here are some of the exciting projects I’m working on, currently seeking publication:

Just Wild series

Just Wild is an adventure-mystery series with an environmental twist, for middle-grade readers, aged 8+. These books follow the adventures of Kate, a savvy 10-year-old with a knack for finding crooks who endanger our world’s amazing wildlife.

Kate learns that things are never what they seem and with a little digging and snooping, she lands in the middle of the action — with the power to stop the criminals and protect what’s important.


Clueless cover mockup


Kate’s camping trip has turned from lame to frightening — an unexpected stowaway, a sneaky thief, an accident with a horse and now a dead farm dog. Could the boys’ stories of taniwha be true? Or is the sinister old woman that wanders the area behind the strange events? One thing’s for sure — the future looks uncertain for the precious kiwi surrounding their forest camp. Can Kate catch the culprit before time runs out? Or will she remain Clueless?

Speechless cover mockup


Someone’s poaching eggs. And I don’t mean for breakfast. The turtle hatchery where Kate is staying won’t have any hatchlings left at this rate — and Kate needs to find out who’s behind it. Is it the secretive boy she caught digging for treasure? Or is there a bigger fish lurking beneath the surface? Can Kate find the courage to speak up and expose the criminal? Or will she remain Speechless?

Fearless cover mockup


How can gibbons disappear from the wild? Kate must swing like Tarzan and zipline through the jungle to find out — but how can she when she’s scared to death of heights? Could their grumpy guide be behind it? Kate has good reason not to trust him, after all. But what have the hamburger socks got to do with it? The gibbons are in grave danger and Kate must confront her biggest fear to save them. Can she truly become Fearless?

If you’re a publisher or agent and are interested in finding out more, please get in touch via the Contact page. (No vanity publishers please.)

Books are approximately 30,000 words each. Covers shown are for website illustration purposes only.